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Subway · May 29, 11:47 AM

So, you’re feeling guilty about the greasy burgers, eh? But you lika’da fast food, eh? Well at Subway, you can get the fast food experience, and still feel like you are eating something healthy. But are you?

I dunno. This place is an enigma to me. Tomato, lettuce, bacon, it looks like the stuff you would put on your sandwich at home, but it is in convenient fast food format. And then there was that guy that ate nothing but subway, and lost a bunch of weight. Blagh! Baa Humbug!

I had the Pizza sub, as always. My partner in crime had the cold cut trio with plenty of pickles. It filled the gap, and we don’t feel too guilty, but still am unsure if this stuff actually is food, or is even good for you or not. An enigma…

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Kangas Sauna · May 28, 05:29 PM

Not just a Sauna! They make some terrific food here. Seating is limited, but not usually packed to the teeth. The service is quick and efficient. Most importantly, there is NO deep fryer.

I highly, highly recommend the Rueben. It is great. I am not a Reuben Veteran or anything, but I do enjoy them. And so far Kangas takes the cake.

Also on the menu, regular diner fare; BLT, Sandwiches, salads, eggs’n’bacon, etc.

And the soup. Ok, you get a decent sized bowl. Most people, if having a sandwich or other item should stick to the small bowl, as it is still fairly filling. The soup, hot and hearty, in my opinion is left to simmer a little too long. It comes out a little starchy, or a little runny, and does not really stick to the ribs. But is is good nonetheless, and hot. Also, the Chilli and Toast is pretty good, but I think they use Ketchup or tomato soup as the base, as it has a sweet/sour ting to it which is not entirely to my liking.

And before or after, you can unwind with a sauna or a massage. What more could you want? in a restaurant?

I think this place is almost reaching legend status for Thunderbania. I suggest going to Kangus for a good eat anytime, Sundays after yard sale’n, and Saturdays with a hangover.

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Hutch's Variety · May 28, 05:23 PM

UPDATE – Check Out m new review on Hutch’s Variet @
Update: Hutch’s Variety Part 2 – The Best Food in Thunder Bay

The Coney Burger I had today, well to say the least, is something I wouldn’t write home about. But I would blog it, so….

I had firmly decided to hit Merla Mae for a Cheeseburger, when the obvious lineup presented a strong sense of inconvenience. Hutch’s, which is just about a block away, proudly displayed a Famous Coney Sauce sign. A sign from the Coney man himself, assuring me that I would have a cheeseburger and coke within minutes.

First and foremost, the guy behind the till washed his hands before preparing my order. This is a good thing. THen with a freshly microwaved bun, and a ladel, he scooped the coney sauce onto the bun. Add cheese, onion, and voila! A Coney Cheeseburger ala Hutch.

The result is nothing great, bearing in mind the I am far from a expert in the field of Coney Sauce. It followed the concept of a Coney Burger, with a local added flair and seasoning, but did not stand out in my mind as a place I would frequent, or a food item I would crave in the future.

In the end, if it is conveniece, and the need to fill a gap, Hutch’s Variety stepped up to the plate. However, I would prefer to make the inconvenient choice, weather and time permitting to go to Merla Mae or McKellar Confectionary (which I will review later).

Hutch’s Variety is definately well located on the corner of John St. and Memorial/Algoma. Further, it is for sale. The addition of Fast Food to their repitoir would indicate to me that they are not out trying to enter the market, but mearly showing the potential for diversification of their business to prospective Buyers.

I would not put this on the maps, but google did, so if you want to know where to find Hutch’s,... Google Map It!

I should also mention that they have loads of VHS tapes. Hutch didn’t seem interested in getting into DVDs or new releases, so if you have a old favorite, Hutch probably has it (including XXX vids). For all else it is worth, it is a local convenience store, competing with the Mac’s a block away.

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Seattle Coffee House - Memorial Ave · May 19, 05:16 PM

Okee. These are just about the best darn sandwiches I have ever had. And they are not your conventional ham and cheese. Today I had the Roast Beef and Garlic, which comes on a whole wheat bread, with lettuce and such. This was chosen over the Turkey Thai, which was probably one of my hardest decisions of the week.

Earlier this week I had the Greek sandwich with black olives, and I have also enjoyed the Ham and honey mustard, BLT, and the humus vegetable-alicious.

Coffee is good too. The dark roast, or for the sweet tooth, the White Mega Mocha (be sure to slurp the whip cream off the top first).

An assorment of teas, pastries, a delicious fruit bottom yogurt with granola on top. Add to it the wireless high speed internet and you got a place you sit at all day working with your laptop and cell phone.

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There are four locations to serve you; the Memorial Ave is the one I frequent. I am sure the others are just as good. The one on Red River Road and Arthur Street are not shown on Google Maps.
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Merla-Mae Burgers & Ice Cream · May 18, 06:11 PM

This the old school drive up fast food restaurant. It is only open seasonally, since there is no seating inside. Just a counter that you walk up to and make your order, and a parking lot with a couple picknick tables.

The burgers here are regular frozen patties you can get from any frozen food section of your local grocery store. It is the sauce that makes these burgers special. If I had to guess it would be along the lines of a Coney Sauce, but with a distinct Thunderbania style. The french fries are frozen and deep fried, with a powderd dark beef gravy.

The last time I was there I had the loaded burger, and found it a little overwhelming. Previously, the straight up cheese burger was great.

I am yet to try the ice cream, but by the lineups in the summer months, I would assume it is pretty good.

Not bad for fast food, but fast food none the less.

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McDonalds... · May 18, 12:23 PM

I have heard Thunderbania described as a Big Mac Town. I think this means that the common joe that makes up the majority population is content with the Big Mac Meal, and strives little to fine the more refined foods for the short lunch break allowed. I was brought up on the weekly event of going to McDonalds for supper, and their brand was strongly burnt into my subconcious. Thus for many years, I unquestionaly hit the drive thru, or scarfed down a quarterpounder with cheese whenever the craving came about.

People here like their Big Macs and don’t see the need to think beyond that. After all, food is food, right?

The beginning of Iron Chef (original, not he americanized version) states “Show me what you eat, and I will tell you what you are.”

So with that… McDonalds in Thunder Bay has 5 locations, including one conveniently located in Wal-Mart. All have been updated and conform to all corporate startdards and guidelines.

No matter where you are in Thunder Bay, you can be sure to find a McDonald’s on the main roads throughout Thunder Bay.

A little side note: Rumour has it that the McDonalds on Cumberland Ave was designed to overlook the Marina. However, when it was built, it was built backwards, so that the large open windows along the side faced away from the Marina, and the drive-thru went around the Marina side giving the view to the nice young staff at both the first and second window.

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Thunder Bay Restaurant... a must. · May 17, 11:26 PM

Ok. Here is the place litterally for everyone. A classic diner serving all your regular fare, such as burger and fries, BLT, eggs’n’bacon, etc.

The owner will always make you feel welcome and will probably chat you up for a good ten minutes before she even hands you a menu.

And the menu! The menu is the most endearing thing about the place. It is printed out on 8.5”x11” ordinary inkjet printer paper. No laminating. No photos of make-uped burgers and fries. No images of frosty glasses of Pepsi with plastic ice cubes.

And I think there is only two of these menus in the whole place. And they are tossed form table to table, folded, wrinkled and worn.

If for no other reason, the owner, well… she is why you should go here at least once. Be assured she will chat your ear off, and tell you a joke that will have you laughing your a** off. She is the type of person that is not impressed by image, money, or smooth talking, but is impressed by genuine character and personality. And she has plenty of character and personality of her own, so come armed.

The food is well cooked and wholesome and you generally know what you are eating with each bite. The bacon comes floppy OR crispy (i love having that choice), and I highly recommend this place for lunch and, in particular, for your Sunday hangover.

The food is good, the price is fair. A must do for Thunder Bay.

To sum up the attitude of the place, after lunch one day, the owner said to us, “People won’t remember what you said or what you did. They will only remeber how you made them feel.” Very cool.

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Elements Restaurant and Lounge · May 17, 01:24 AM

I have had mostly positive experiences here and I will recommend it to everyone and continue to visit once a month or so, maybe twice.

However, for a dining restaurant… the waitresses often lack the finesse and refinement that you would expect for the prices they charge. i.e. properly presenting, opening and serving a bottle of wine…not a hard thing to do and the management should spend more time training the young ladies at this.

BTW. The wait staff are all young females dressed in petite black uniforms ala short skirts.

Back to the point, this place wants to be classy, and has the potential to be classy, but not the refinment or experience to do so. Regardless, it is a fair fine dining experience, and they make an excellent excellent steak (have them with the sweet potato fries). The sushi last time was quite immature and added to the lack of experience and attention to details, but at least they have sushi.

The setting is very relaxing and makes even the most income restricted feel elite.

Make sure to ask for the most current wine list (i have been told a number of times that the wine i selected is not available). The Rock Salt Ribs are great in the lounge with a draft. The Moosehead on tap has been flat for the last two weeks. There is no paying with yout ATM card, but there is a machine that will charge you 1.50 so you can draw cash and pay your bill with that.

I think the owners went just far enough in their standards to pass, but do not exceed to the top of the class. I’ll give them 3 stars, actually 2.5 because the waitress splashed wine on me last time and the wine glass wasn’t rinsed and tasted of soap.

From the beginning, my expectations walking into this place was high, and I guess that is why I am so critical of it. Regardless, it is a worth dining here, just don’t get your hopes up about the sushi.

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